! A Life Worth Living

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! A Life Worth Living
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John Marchini
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Over the past decade, my practice has gravitated toward being of service to those who practice alternative sexual lifestyles. From working with people who engage in BDSM and polyamory to swingers, cross-dressers, and just bog standard kinksters, I’ve heard of so many occasions where, in the first session, the therapist has immediately identified the sexual behavior as the problem and disregarded everything else mentioned. Common among those who come to see me are a history of secrecy, shame, and self-contempt, feelings of inadequacy, or feeling “broken.” Anger, anxiety, and confusion, along with a deep-rooted shame, lead to desperation and being overwhelmed. You have chosen a lifestyle that not everyone understands although, if theres a name for it, someones done it. Sometimes, unfortunately, you internalize society’s judgmental attitudes, causing you to question your behaviors and beliefs. I can help you before the feelings and behaviors cause damage in your life. I am an experienced Kink-Knowledgeable Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over a decade working as a therapist. I have trained under Patrick Carnes as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist. However the knowledge I have in this field is broader and less restrictive than SASH. I have worked with the Fire Department of New York since before 9/11. I’m very experienced with PTSD, Depression, and Anxiety Disorders. Also, I have vast experience helping people overcome addictions.

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113 University Place
New York
New York
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Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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