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Name of Primary Practitioner: Ash Craig
Long Business Description:

FirmPOS Anywhere is a club membership, entry, and cash control system that understands kink, swing, and BDSM clubs. FirmPOS can provide you: – Encryption and processes that understand the unique issue of confidential information that clubs face – Memberships that are easy to create, track and report – Optional keyless entry controlled by membership type – Scheduling for classes, volunteers, staff, and time clock functions to help you track staff and volunteer hours – The ability to limit entry and memberships unique to your club – Ability to attach waivers/agreements to each member – Cash management/control and reporting – Everything in one place – Plug-in support for payment processors willing to work with clubs that are traditionally seen as ‘higher risk’ – Experts and resources in those industries who can help FirmPOS work for you

Business Website Address: http://www.firmpos.com
Business Contact Email: kap.listing@firmpos.com
Business Address: 24654 N Lake Pleasant Pkwy
Country: USA
City: Peoria
State: Arizona
ZIP Code: 85383
Internet Based Business: Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
Poly Awareness Level: Friendly
Kink Awareness Level: Friendly
Swinger (Lifestyle) Awareness Level: Friendly
Endeavoring Wellness Clinical Therapy & Consultation
Name of Primary Practitioner: Okichie Davis, LPC, NCC
Long Business Description:
Do you feel stuck or confused about where your life is headed? Do you find yourself playing out the same unhealthy patterns? Are you at a crossroads in life and wondering what to do next? Are you hesitant to talk to your friends or family about your problems? Are you ready to lead a different life? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then let’s talk.
I believe that clients are the experts in their own lives and I use a collaborative, integrated approach which draws on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Existential Therapy, and Mindfulness to support clients in understanding the social messages at the basis of their emotional experiences and behaviors so that they can break out of unhealthy life cycles.

My areas of focus include anxiety, depression, PTSD, grief, and phase-of-life transitions. My practice affirms gender non-conforming individuals and persons of trans experience, as well as queer, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and asexual persons. I also welcome sex workers and individuals practicing alternative relationship styles such as non-monogamy, polyamory, and BDSM.

I also offer career coaching and consultation services to professionals and organizations looking to improve their practices in order to better meet the needs of clients.

If you’re struggling right now, but not sure how therapy could fit into your life, visit e2wellness.com to schedule a complimentary initial consultation. You deserve to start feeling better.

Gender of Practitioner: None
Education/Training/Certifications: LPC, MS in Counseling (Clinical Mental Health Specialization), Certified to practice CBT in a Community Setting
Business Website Address: http://e2wellness.com
Business Phone Number: 215-469-1356
Business Contact Email: therapy@e2wellness.com
Country: USA
City: Philadelphia
State: Pennsylvania
ZIP Code: 19107
Internet Based Business: Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
Do You Accept Insurance?: No
Tell us about the payment options you accept and any additional insurance details. : Cash, money order, credit/debit card, or FSA/HSA.
Poly Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Kink Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Swinger (Lifestyle) Awareness Level: Aware
Lavender Legal Services
Name of Primary Practitioner: Megan Smith Jovanovic
Long Business Description:

Megan Smith Jovanvoic has served the West Michigan community for more than 10 years as an attorney, nonprofit leader, and business advisor. She graduated from University of Michigan with honors, and from Michigan State University College of Law Magna Cum Laude, before returning to West Michigan to practice law and serve the community.

Megan’s law practice prioritizes representation and estate planning for LGBTQ+ and other non-traditional families, as well as helping to facilitate the name change process for Michigan-based individuals. In her professional practice, Megan employs an analytical approach which operates in tandem with an empathy-based, community-oriented mindset. Her familiarity with the unique legal challenges faced by the LGBTQ+ community has deepened her commitment to building client relationships based in trust and accountability.

Megan is a strategic thinker, a tenacious advocate, and a proud member of the LGBTQ+ community.

Gender of Practitioner: Female
Education/Training/Certifications: Juris Doctorate, Michigan State University; BA, University of Michigan
Business Phone Number: 6164259501
Business Contact Email: LavenderLeganServices@gmail.com
Country: USA
City: Grand Rapids
State: Michigan
ZIP Code: 49301
Internet Based Business: Yes
Do You Accept Insurance?: No
Tell us about the payment options you accept and any additional insurance details. : Check, credit card, electronic payment. Payment plans available.
Poly Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Kink Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Swinger (Lifestyle) Awareness Level: Aware
Business Name: LifeABILITY
Name of Primary Practitioner: Joan Mershon
Long Business Description:

Tired of wondering if you should explain, how to explain or what to explain?

Employment, Life Skills and Small Business Coaching

from someone who understands you and your life.


Are you feeling lost? Overwhelmed? Don’t know which way to go?  I can help!

From individuals to businesses at some point, we all face an information problem. It could be a lack of information or trouble understanding the information that’s out there. Maybe there’s too much information or that the information available is conflicting.

Whatever the problem, it gets in the way reaching your goals as a business or individual.

l help individuals and businesses make informed choices about what works — for YOU.

When you get frustrated and wish there was someone to help you with make sense of it all, that’s where I step in – getting you straight-forward answers to tricky questions.


What is a Life Skills Trainer? Isn’t that a Life Coach?

No, they are not the same thing, although they do overlap. A Life Coach is more like a counselor – Think Dr Phil, Oprah, etc. A skills trainer focuses on HOW to get something done not WHY you want to do it.

What does kink have to do with employment?

I can help you evaluate your risk profile at work. How open can you be? with who? etc. I can also help you to fit alternative employment into a vanilla resume world or look for careers where your personal life will be more accepted.

Can you help me with kinky things too?

Yes. I can help you figure out how to tell others (and what to tell, who to tell) about your kink. I can help you navigate the variety of online sites to meet your goals – whether that is education, meeting people, etc. I can also show you ways to use technology in your dynamic. Especially good for non-nesting dynamics.

What client groups do you have experience working with?

I have worked with “Others” for almost 30 years. By “Other” I mean anyone whose needs are not being met in the community at large. In addition to my work experience, I also have personal knowledge of the issues facing individuals who are gender non-conforming (including Trans), people with disabilities (especially hidden disabilities), and other marginalized people.

I don’t think people fit neatly into boxes, and neither should services – everything is customized based on your individual situation.

Member: Portland MAsT, Portland Leather Alliance, PDXBadGirls, Q&A Biznet

Gender of Practitioner: Female
Education/Training/Certifications: over 20 years experience
Business Website Address: http://lifeability.net/kap/
Business Phone Number: 503-941-0126
Business Contact Email: joan@lifeability.net
Business Address: 11220 SE Stark #6
Country: USA
City: Portland
State: Oregon
ZIP Code: 97216
Internet Based Business: Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
Do You Accept Insurance?: No
Tell us about the payment options you accept and any additional insurance details. : Cash, credit, payment plans available. Accept third party payments.
Poly Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Kink Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Swinger (Lifestyle) Awareness Level: Aware
Business Name: Lilith Consulting
Name of Primary Practitioner: Lilith
Long Business Description:

I am a Google certified digital marketing specialist. My areas of expertise include Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content writing, branding & marketing strategy, business development, website design, and business reputation management. Using the marketing attribution model, I identify and eliminate bottlenecks that prevent you from growing while also optimizing campaigns and channels that drive positive Return On Investment for your business.

I am a polyamorous switch, have been in the BDSM lifestyle for about 10 years. I am an active member of the Houston BDSM community, and I am also quite familiar with the Leather and Polyamory communities. As someone who lives the lifestyle myself, I have a more intimate understanding of the needs of kinky clientele and know how to market to them. I do not discriminate against alternative lifestyles.

No matter what stage your company is at, I can help you improve your customer acquisition strategy and grow revenue with performance-based digital marketing services. We will identify strengths and weaknesses in your marketing and sales strategies, and I can provide actionable insights and possible solutions to help you grow.

Gender of Practitioner: Female
Education/Training/Certifications: Bachelor of Arts in English Language and Literature, Google Analytics Certification, Google Adwords Certification, Hubspot Inbound Marketing Certification, Hubspot Content Marketing Certification, Hubspot Inbound Certification, LinkedIn Public Relations Specialist Certification
Business Website Address: http://lilithconsulting.com
Business Contact Email: lilith@lilithconsulting.com
Country: USA
City: Houston
State: Texas
ZIP Code: 77021
Internet Based Business: Yes
Do You Accept Insurance?: No
Tell us about the payment options you accept and any additional insurance details. : Prices are customized to your business needs
Poly Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Kink Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Swinger (Lifestyle) Awareness Level: Knowledgeable
Awareness Notes: Leather and LGBTQ+ Knowledgeable