Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman
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Wendy Newman
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Helping you build and maintain strong, happy, easy partnerships.
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Hi, I'm Wendy Newman and I'm an author and a dating, sex, and relationship expert who's led hundreds of workshops to over 70,000 people internationally (since 2002).

So what does a dating, sex, and relationship expert do, exactly? I provide coaching, workshops, free tools, articles, books, and more. Here are the deets:


I specialize in working with those who are thinking about, or who are in polyamorous partnerships. I offer private coaching, problem-solving, healing sessions, and I'm an excellent listener – I can listen to the whole story. I can help you sort through what you need so you can partner well. And I'm famous for helping folx figure out exactly what to say during hard conversations.

I'm also a coach's coach.

Details about coaching with me can be found here.


I have pre-recorded DIY Workshops available in both video and/or audio (you choose how you want to play):

  • Happy in Love | Relationship Workshop Fluffy title, totally meaty, substantive workshop for living a happy life. Designed originally for women but useful to all. Specifically designed to fit well with polyamorous life.
  • Partner Have-to-Haves | Sorting Workshop For those wishing to discover what they're looking for in their person(s). Designed for everyone and honors any consenting relationship style.
  • Ready for Love | Dating Workshop Step-by-step how to succeed at dating and find love. Designed for women.
  • You can find out where I'm leading live workshops, and get more info on the rest of my DIY Workshops and audio sessions here.

If you’re in partnership(s), check out my free Full Moon Ritual to help you talk about what you need in your relationship(s).


If you love reading, check out my booksarticles, and a weekly advice column.


If you love to watch videos, I house advice videos on YouTube.

Basically, I do all I can to disseminate information all in the spirit of helping people find love and stay in love.

I’m passionate about people making choices from love and power instead of fear, and I want those around me to be free and uninhibited in their lives as they find their own path. Committed to communication and to people being heard and understood, I pursued my higher education at Vista College in Berkeley with a certificate in American Sign Language and Deaf Culture Studies (it only took six years).

I celebrate those emboldened to live their truth. I’m an advocate for love, LGBTQ rights, open relationships, polyamory, and kink communities.

People who work with me say I’m clear, compassionate, humorous, and unafraid to be myself.

I am polyamorous (eight years), kinky (seventeen years) and I walk my talk. I live an easy, happy life and play well with my partners and metamours.

Thanks for getting to know me! Now, how can I help you? Reach out at WendySpeaks.com.

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Vista College + Certification for Coaching and Senior Level Workshop Leader through PAX Programs Inc.
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(319) 382-0691
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3 Embarcadero, San Francisco, CA 94111
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