How to Submit a Listing

First, you will need to register. You will enter your username and email.

When registering, you will receive an activation email titled “[Kink and Poly Aware Professionals] Login Details.” Be sure to check your spam if you don’t see it in your email within 60 minutes-though this email typically comes in just a few minutes.

This email will include a link to set your password. Once you do that, you need to login with the username and password you created. This will first take you to your profile. Fill out your profile information. The more information you include, the easier it is to reset your password or troubleshoot listing information. You can also upload a profile picture.

Next you want to navigate back to the page to submit a listing or click the Submit a Listing button at the top of the KAP site:

  1. REQUIRED: Select the Business Genre’s (Categories) of your business. You have lots of choices, and you can add as many as are applicable.
  2. REQUIRED: Business Name
  3. Name of Primary Practitioner: You can put your name, someone else’s name, or “Group” if that is most appropriate.
  4. Short Business Description: This will be the excerpt people read on searches. While there is not a character limit, you want to keep this to just a few sentences for readability.
  5. Long Business Description: This is a WYSIWYG editor where you can leave more information.
  6. Gender of Practitioner: This is a searchable field
  7. Education/Training/Certifications: You can put any qualifications here you’d like to call out.
  8. Business Website Address
  9. Business Phone Number
  10. Business Contact email
  11. Business tags (can be anything to call out your business, these are search engine tools)
  12. Country (If you are in the United States just type U and USA will appear)
  13. City
  14. State
  15. Zip Code
  16. Internet Based Business: Yes, No, or both
  17. Payment Options:  Insurance you accept, other payment information
  18. Poly, Kink, and Swinger awareness levels.
    1. None: No awareness
    2. “Friendly” is a minimal level of general knowledge about the chosen field and openness to working with clients without automatically pathologizing behaviors or interests.
    3. “Aware” is level where clinicians have specific knowledge of concepts and practices that are important to the subculture, and experience working with more than one or two identified clients.
    4. “Knowledgeable” is a more advanced level of knowledge and affirmative care.
  19. Awareness Notes: Anything else?
  20. Valid Since: Today’s Date
  21. Upload Images: You have two image slots available
  22. Add Attachment
  23. Check to agree to the terms and conditions and press “Complete Listing”. If you have made any keying errors, the form will call them out.

You will be directed to a confirmation page that says:

Submission Received

Your listing has been submitted.

Your listing requires admin approval. You’ll be notified once your listing is approved.

Return to directory.

Once your listing is approved you will receive an email confirmation.  Approvals typically happen in 72 hours.