KAP Category Descriptions

Accounting and FinanceAccountants, Money Managers, Bookkeepers, Stockbrokers etc. who have appropriate education, licensing, and certifications in their field.
AttorneysLicensed members of the Bar
Building Contractors and TradesBuilding, Remodeling, Repairs who are appropriately licensed, bonded, and insured in their field.
Business ServicesOther Business Services not represented by other categories.
Diversity Equity and Inclusion ProfessionalsConsultants, Trainers and Teachers in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
DoctorsMedical Doctors who are appropriately licensed in their state and certified in their specialty.
Health and Wellness (non M.D.)Nutritionists, Doulas, Midwives, massage, sex educators, body work, physical trainers, hypnotists who possess education, licenses, insurance, and bond as appropriate.
InsuranceLicensed in individual states.
IT ProfessionalsNetwork, Desktop, Business etc.
Legal Services (non attorney)Expert Witnesses, Mediation, Arbitration. Licensed, insured, bonded as appropriate.
Licensed Mental Health ProfessionalsPsychiatrists, Psychologists, counselors, therapists who are appropriately educated, licensed, and certified in their fields.
Continuing Education ProgramsSubcategory of Licensed Mental Health Professionals. Offering Continuing Education Credits for Professionals.
Life CoachesQualified in their area of expertise.
Marketing ProfessionalsDesigners, Public Relations, etc. that agree to do represent people regardless of relationship choices.
Other ProfessionalsProfessional services not found in other categories. Please only choose this category if no other category is appropriate.
Public Relations FirmsWith appropriate licensing and certification where applicable, agreeing to represent anyone regardless of their relationship choices.
Real EstateReal Estate: (Agents, Lenders, Home Inspectors, Stagers, Appraisers) Appropriately licensed and insured in their state and educated/accredited for the work described as appropriate.
Spiritual AdvisorsSpiritual and/or religion-focused professionals
VendorsVendors, Craftspeople, and Artisans.
Website ServicesDesign, Administration, SEO