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KAP cannot and does not in any way endorse or recommend any of these professionals, as their inclusion on this list is done without any verification or screening by NCSF. However, each professional listed has volunteered to be available to be contacted by people involved in “kinky” sexuality (leather, BDSM, fetish, polyamory, the Lifestyle, etc.) either by contacting KAP directly or through another kink-friendly publication or organization.

Learn More About What To Expect From Your Professional:

Poly, Kink, and Swinger awareness levels.

    • “Friendly” is a minimal level of general knowledge about the chosen field and openness to working with clients without automatically pathologizing behaviors or interests.
    • “Aware” is level where clinicians have specific knowledge of concepts and practices that are important to the subculture, and experience working with more than one or two identified clients.
    • “Knowledgeable” is a more advanced level of knowledge and affirmative care. Kink Knowledgeable Resource: Kink Clinical Practice Guidelines 

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