Christopher J. Corey, M.A. LMFT

Christopher J. Corey, M.A. LMFT
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Christopher J. Corey, M.A. LMFT
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Christopher Corey
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My approach is a flexible, organic experience of healing for many emotional concerns, particularly anxiety, depression, grief, fear, anger, trauma, sexual and creative blockages. By working with the “here and now”, we can bring the hidden into light. That which has caused you to distort your inner strength can be brought to the foreground, and there, choices can be made. Influenced by the works of Fritz Perls, Karen Horney, Rollo May and Wilhelm Reich, I will help you explore what has been fed to you and become indigestible. We will work to move through the layers of pain towards a new, authentic expression of Self. I embrace all gender expressions and sexual orientations. The freedom to love who and how you choose is your birthright. I have experience supporting a variety of relationship configurations and lifestyles, and can assist in navigating issues that can surface in these choices, such as boredom, jealousy, intimacy blockages, differing needs and desires, sexual and emotional satisfaction.
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Individual work is core to my practice. I work with adults, adolescents and families. Together we can explore whatever you feel to be disturbing your experience of life, particularly depression, anxiety, grief, loneliness, spiritual and creative blocks, illness, childhood abuse, trauma or issues related to sexuality, gender expression, and intimacy. In working with couples, I assist my clients in their exploration of relationship. I work with intimate partners, siblings and friendship pairs. I am particularly drawn towards working with couples who are in the process of changing the way they experience relationship, whether that change is one of coming together, or moving apart. I have a broad definition of family, ranging from the traditional nuclear family to families of choice and nontraditional configuration. I can assist you in exploring the patterns that sometimes interfere with the healthy functioning of the family system. I also work with groups, some short term, and others long term. Please inquire for further information about newly forming groups, and groups open to new members. License No. MFC 105894

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MA Integral Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS)
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3884 24th Street
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I do not bill insurance companies directly. I am, however, happy to provide you with with a receipt that may be reimbursable by your provider for out-of-network services. Your employee Health Savings Account is also an option for reimbursement.
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