Whole Congruence Therapy, PLLC

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Miriam Kolni (she/her)
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Miriam (she/her) is an Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate. She specializes in working with those who are LGBTQ+ and their relationships, providing a judgement-free, safe, understanding, and supportive environment for ANY person seeking therapy. I work with families, couples, and individuals through a variety of challenges including, gender and queer identities, surgery letters, disconnection, life transitions, conflict, communication, and trauma.
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You are probably here because you are tired of what continues to get in the way of you being, living as, and caring for your whole self and relationships. My clients are diverse in their identities, genders, sexualities, religions, cultures, relationships, and backgrounds. I provide a welcoming, safe space for LGBTQ+ folks to be themselves and work collaboratively towards finding balance, nurturing their worth, expressing their feelings and needs, and having more fulfilling relationships.  My practice is completely virtual and can see anyone in the State of Texas.

What I bring to our work together is a calm presence, a respect and consideration for all parts of who you are, care and humor, and a deep curiosity and drive to reach towards your goals. I draw from formal education, continued training, and identifying as a queer person, to support, and hold unconditional positive regard for LGBTQ+ individuals and their relationships through all life stages. And as an LMFT Associate, I understand problems and solutions within the interconnected and dynamic world of relationships and context.  Whether I am working with one person, a couple, or other forms of romantic or familial relationships, how people interact tells a story about each person’s fears, hurts, needs, wants, what keeps them feeling stuck, and their hopefulness and potential for change.  I am trained to provide assessments and support letters for gender affirming surgeries, and am EMDR trained to tackle emotional wounds and trauma.

I believe that every person deserves to be treated with respect and as a whole human being.  No matter your gender identity, sexual orientation, cultural background, skin color, religion, etc., what makes you you is valid and integral to your experience.  You are the expert on you, and I appreciate the courage it takes to be vulnerable, the willingness to seek help, and the hope you demonstrate by showing up for yourself and your relationships.  As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I value the importance of having a space to feel uninhibited by the pressures, expectations, and often fear of being unsafe, and to show up and be seen as your whole self. I will meet you where you are in the struggles you are facing, challenge you to experience something different, and work with you to untangle the layers of contributing factors that impact your experience while identifying and optimizing your strengths. You are not your problems, and I believe in your capacity for change and growth.

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MS, LMFT Associate, EMDR Trained Therapist
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