Michal Rogers

Michal Rogers
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Michal Rogers
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Michal Rogers
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Sex-Positive Therapy with an Associate Therapist
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I am an Associate Clinical Social Worker (ASW 92435) under supervision by Adrina McCarthy( LMFT #107939)

My Background

*Currently Accepting CA clients only*


I’m a native New Yorker living in Los Angeles, I obtained my Bachelor’s from UCLA and Master’s of Social Work from the University of Kansas. I specialized in interdisciplinary healthcare and led groups for behavioral pain management. Since interning in the family clinic at KU, I’ve volunteered at the Los Angeles LGBT Center. I am passionate about mindfulness, sex-positive education, and mental health.

My personal beliefs & interests

2020 has been a doozy of a year for all of us, and we’ve needed to find ways to cope with pandemic-level stress. In addition to YouTube yoga, sourdough bread-making, and Zoom parties, therapy is an indispensable tool for addressing your mental health needs. My goal is to provide a space to unapologetically be yourself and gain personal mastery.


My approach is:


1. Strengths-based: let’s identify the strengths you already have and use them to accomplish your goals.


2. Client-centered: you know you best! I’m here as a facilitator not a director


3. Evidenced-based: I love to geek out on data and use methodologies based in research.


Therapy is a process. I believe there is no one size fits all solution. As a result, I approach each situation with curiosity and openness. I am here and ready to listen with empathy, ask questions, and suggest therapeutic modalities. Let’s work together to try-on solutions that work best for you.

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Yes, Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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