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Hannah Smith
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Hannah Smith
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Hannah Smith Counseling is a fully online, identity affirming, sex positive mental health counseling private practice! I specialize in sex therapy, couples counseling, identity concerns, women's issues, and anxiety treatment. My practice is LGBT+ and Kink friendly, as well as affirming of all ways of consensually expressing oneself. I offer fully online counseling for anyone in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida!
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Who am I and how does this work?

Choosing who to trust with the deepest parts of yourself is big decision. Who I am makes a difference in that decision. I have 12 years of advocacy and education work related to LGBT+ and alternative sexual expression communities, including 12 years direct experience and education regarding LGBT+ communities and culture; as well as 8 years direct experience with BDSM/ Kink communities and culture.
If you are knowledgeable on theoretical orientations of counseling, I work from an integrated psychodynamic and feminist/multicultural lens. If you aren't, this simply means that I am interested in what parts of your past led to your present, as well as how to empower you to be exactly who you are in a world that may not always value all the parts of your whole.

So, how does this work? Well, in short we're going to talk about how you got to where you are to figure out what is helping you and what is hurting you. We'll talk about your experiences, memories, thoughts, feelings, and goals related to your concerns to establish exactly what you want out of this process. Then we're going to use science based tools to help you get where you want to be as efficiently as possible. 

Areas of Expertise


The simple act of talking can do amazing things. Combine that with decades of research and years of training and you have a process that can help heal tremendous wounds. Bring in your expertise on your own life and I'll use my training to help you build the life you want.

Relationship and Sexual Concerns

  • Sex Therapy- Heal from sexual dysfunction, communication issues, performance issues, or whatever else is getting in the way of a healthy and fulfilling sex life

  • LGBT+ Affirmative Counseling

  • Alternative sexual expressions- No matter how you like to consensually love, you’re welcome here! This may include: BDSM, Kink, Leather, Fetish, M/s and D/s relationships, etc.

  • Alternative Relationship Styles- Polyamory, Swinging, “Open” relationships, etc.

  • Couples Counseling

  • Communication Training

  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Anxiety Disorders

Sometimes life feels overwhelming, and that's normal. But what about when it feels overwhelming all the time? When you can't relax, even if you want to? Learn how to tame the anxiety beast and allow yourself to de-stress using tools from a variety of evidence-based therapies.

Women's Issues

Being a woman can be intensely frustrating and confusing even with all the strides made in gender equality. People tell you when, how, and even if you should have a family. Employers treat you differently. You work twice as hard to get half as far. Your body is a topic of legislation. They way in which you present your woman-ness, the size of your body, the clothes you wear, your sexuality, the way you speak- is under constant critique no matter what you do. There are so many "rules" for how to live and they're all in conflict and changing constantly. Let's talk about how YOU want to live your life.

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Fully online for your convenience. Schedule a FREE CONSULTATION or an intake session at www.hannahsmithcounseling.com!
South Carolina
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I accept clients in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Florida!
  • Hannah Smith Counseling, LLC

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