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Gemma Ryder
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In-person and online coaching for individuals and duos/triads around the topics of pleasure, intimacy, relating and expressing your authentic sexual identity. Sessions are tailored to your needs and can be talk-based, or involve hands-on bodywork, using the Sexological Bodywork framework.
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I am a pleasure coach, Certified Sexological Bodyworker, and Conscious Kink practitioner on a mission to make pleasure a priority in our everyday lives. 

I'm here for you if want to build capacity in your body, mind, and life to experience and integrate more pleasure and aliveness. It’s radical work and I’m here to guide and support you along the way.

​Here are some examples of reasons why people come to me:

  • To remove blocks to experiencing pleasure e.g. shame, fear, embarrassment
  • To be able to communicate what they want/desire (or figure out what they want in the first place)
  • Feeling stuck, bored, or unfulfilled in their current sex life/relationship
  • Lack of sexual appetite or mismatched sex drives
  • Having lots of sex but never feeling satisfied
  • Wanting to explore different relationship dynamics and formats, or for support transitioning into/out of a relationship
  • Curiosity to try new experiences safely e.g. same-sex intimacy, conscious kink rituals

A big part of my work is addressing the mismatch between what clients believe they “should” enjoy or desire and how they actually feel in their bodies. This often starts with redefining what "pleasure" means for them and throwing away any conditioned expectations to uncover their authentic identity as sensual beings. I support clients to build confidence in articulating their desires and boundaries, and act as a compassionate witness, welcoming parts of them that may have been shut off or hidden away.

I work with individuals, couples/triads, and groups of all genders in person in Liverpool (UK) and the surrounding areas, and also online with clients internationally. 

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