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Andrew McCool
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English hypnotist has proven results with weight loss, quit smoking, sports, stress, medical hypnosis, memory, confidence, self hypnosis and more. Using hypnosis for sexual or kink issues is also a specialty.
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Welcome to our listing. I hope it will springboard you to our website, where there is a wealth of information on hypnosis and hypnotherapy. Andrew McCool has been practicing since 1985, both in the UK and the US.
You will find a hypnosis profile test that will show you how well you can be hypnotized, and it is surprisingly accurate!
Your questions are regarding hypnosis are likely answered on out FAQ page, and we also have information on the dangers and scams you might encounter in this field.
Navigate the menu to the adult section for more information on sexual matters.
You can come to the office, or even do sessions remotely. We also make all our sessions available for you to download online, and can also make customized subliminal recordings to enhance the hypnotic effect.
There are pages of genuine testimonials and proof on our site, and many books filled with even more at our office. So don't take our word for it - see why real people, just like you, chose us.

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Institute Hypnosis, National Guild of Hypnotists, and numerous other certifications in the field.
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Austin, TX
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Internet Based Business
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