Alex Lipman, Attorney at Law

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Alexandra Lipman
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Solo practitioner who is knowledgeable in kink/poly, looking to help people protect their family's futures one estate at a time.
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Hello! I am a solo practitioner who practices all sorts of civil law in Missouri, but my specialty is Estate Law for non-traditional family structures. The law has rules in place to take care of you and your loved ones when something happens, but unfortunately the law follows a standard family model (think husband, wife, 2 kids, picket fence). The beautiful reality is more and more adults are living their lives according to their own truths and that means there is another adult or two or four, perhaps in a poly pod, or a well-established BDSM relationship with a M/s. Without planning for the future, if/when something happens, the law will impose it's definition of family on your family (next of kin would be your paper spouse and anyone additional is legally insignificant). If thinking of your additional partners as "insignificant" bothers you, I am here to help. I help people plan the future they want for the people they love.

I have only scratched the surface with things to consider for your future (you should also think about assets, long term care, children, etc), but if your family falls outside the outdated picket fence definition of family, please contact me for a free consultation. The more non-traditional decisions you have made for your life, the more there is for you to you protect and I want to help.

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Can help anyone who lives in Missouri.

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