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Elaine Turner
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Live your happily sexually ever after
Helping young couples build a lasting, sensual, and intimate relationship through holistic sex and relationship coaching
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Do you feel like sex and intimacy have taken a backseat in your life? Do you feel like you have no one to help you with your sexual difficulties? Are you struggling to enjoy your sexuality?

I’m here to share my knowledge as a sexologist so you can lead the sex life you’ve always dreamed of. Whatever it is that you’re struggling with, you’re not alone. And if you’re waiting for a sign — this is it.

I’m here to listen to you and guide your growth. I’ll be the first to say that talking about yourself as a sexual person isn’t always easy. However, your sexual identity and expression are critical components to who you are as a person. They deserve just as much time and attention as the rest of you. You’re here to be heard and to grow.

  • Low or no sexual desire

  • Erectile issues

  • Porn or sex dependence (or addiction, I prefer not to use that term)

  • Sexual performance anxiety

  • Body or confidence issues

  • Painful sex

  • Fear of anxiety around sexuality

  • Negative experiences with medical professionals

What is sex coaching?

Sex coaching is a dynamic process that focuses on helping you achieve your sexual goals.

Sex coaching can be done individually, as a couple, or in any relationship configuration.

It is a series of meetings and assignments explicitly designed for you and your needs aimed at helping you cultivate your best possible sex life.

You set the goals.

We design the process.

You get the results you want and deserve.

Who is sex coaching for?

You can show up individually, as a couple, or even as a polycule.

Sex coaching is for everyone and anyone willing! It can help people who have little knowledge or even extensive knowledge about themselves as sexual beings; there is always more to learn and uncover.

There are a few specific coaching concerns that are exceedingly common:

  • Low or No Sexual Desire - Those people who aren't feeling sexual but want to be

  • Uneven Sexual Desire in Relationships - For those in relationships where one person wants sex and intimacy more/less than the other partner(s), and it has become an issue

  • Relationship Communication Difficulties - One of the biggest deal breakers in relationships! Communicating can be very difficult, especially as time goes on. Having a coach to help facilitate that communication can often save relationships

  • Early Ejaculation or Premature Ejaculation - For those who experience orgasm and ejaculation quicker than they would like to, or those who feel as if they do not have control over their ejaculation timing

  • Delayed Ejaculation - An exceedingly common problem where a person either has difficulty experiencing orgasm/ejaculation during sexual activities or cannot experience it at all

  • Erectile Difficulties or Erectile Dysfunction - As a penis-owner, from time to time, you may experience some difficulties "rising to the occasion." Not only is this normal, it usually does not need to be medicated! Actual ED doesn't come about as often as some pharmaceutical brands would like you to know.

  • Desire to Improve Social or Dating Skills - Those people who either have difficulty with social interaction or finding dates and would like to improve their skills

  • Body Image or Confidence Issues - One of the most common reasons sex falls to the side is that we're not feeling good about ourselves or our bodies. There are so many ways to overcome this!

  • Preorgasmia or Anorgasmia - A person who has not or has a lot of difficulties experiencing an orgasm either from partnered sexual activities or by themselves

  • Painful Sex - Common for many vulva-owners, sometimes penetration or vaginal stimulation can be painful. There are a lot of techniques to learn that can help you overcome this.

  • Sexual Trauma - If you experienced some traumatic sexual experience at any point in your life, it could have a massive impact on your sexual style or relationships

  • The Desire for Enhanced Sexual Pleasure - Those people who already enjoy sex and intimacy are looking to explore and learn more!

  • The Desire for Sexuality Education - There is almost too much information to learn about sex and intimacy. Many people don't get the education they need to lead a healthy and fun sex life!

  • Desire to Find and Build a Lasting Relationship - Single and no longer want to be? You're not alone in this! Building a foundation for a lasting relationship can be challenging. There is a lot to learn about yourself and how to build a future with a partner.

  • What does a sex coaching session look like?

    Start with a simple, no-obligation discovery call. This discovery call is a quick chat for us to discuss what issues you're facing and what goals you might have for sex coaching. It also gives us both an opportunity to get to know each other and see if I'm the best coach to fit your needs.

    During full sessions, you'll have a chance to speak freely about your concerns, your experiences, your goals and anything else you may have going on.

    I will offer insights, advice, and provide you the space to explore who you are as a sexual being.

    You choose from 60, 90, and 120 minute options.

    As your coach, I will offer suggestions and help you develop a plan to lead you to your best sexual life.

    These sessions are 100% judgement-free, and you are asked to come as you are. The only thing you have to guarantee is your authenticity.

    Shortly after each session, you'll get an email from me. This email will have a summary of what we covered in our session and a home assignment packet. These packets are custom designed for you to help you achieve your goals.

  • What is holistic sex coaching?

    Holistic Sex Coaching is a unique process that seeks to balance all aspects of your life to remove the blocks that prevent you from prioritising your pleasure.

    We will seek to understand how your mind, emotions, body, body image, behaviours, and actions impact your sexual life.

    Holistic sex coaching the person you can become, not the person you have been in the past. By creating a vision of your sexual future we will backwards design the life you've always dreamed of.

    You're a new you now, so let's look to the person you can be!

    By integrating the scientifically researched techniques of sex therapy and incorporating those into a coaching style, you will not only learn how to improve your sex life but the rest of your life as well!

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San Francisco State University - BA Anthropology; Minor Human Sexuality Studies| University of Amsterdam - Sexuality Studies Intensive | Northwest Institute on Intimacy - SAR | University of Newcastle - Human Reproduction| CCSAT - Sex educator series | Sex Coach University - Certification for Clinical sexology & sex coaching | Australian College of Midwives - Pregnancy & alcohol | Aboriginal healthy & medical research council of NSW - Sexual health in primary care; STI & BBV nursing ; HIV
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