Maria Rowley, Ph.D.

Maria Rowley, Ph.D.
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Maria Rowley, Ph.D.
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I help kink and poly folk to sort through the stuff that’s bothering them and cope with life stress so that they can make the progress they want to make without having to educate a therapist on kink or consensual nonmonogamy or worry about being judged.
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Maybe you’re sorting through a developing aspect of your identity or trying to chart a course through your community and/or relationships.  Maybe you’re dealing with the bs that society’s putting on you around “alternative lifestyles” and feeling stressed about having to hide part of your life.  Perhaps you’re having difficulties in a relationship, or in multiple relationships, and having trouble finding a therapist who understands and supports kink and/or consensual nonmonogamy.  

Alternatively, you have some stuff to work on that has nothing to do with the kink and/or poly aspect of your life.  Perhaps you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or transitions and life stress around completely unrelated issues.

Either way, you just want to go to therapy without having to educate your therapist on kink and/or consensual nonmonogamy or worrying about being judged and pathologized.  You’d like to be able to talk about your life without a deer-in-headlights reaction, or worse skepticism and judgment.

I take a straightforward approach, using compassion, humor, and science to help people explore their strengths, difficulties, and the origin of both.  I work with people to create a treatment plan that will advance them toward their goals.  

I’ve got a ton of knowledge on kink/poly stuff and real-world non-clinical experience with kink and poly folks.  This means I’m not struggling through any shock or discomfort with either.   I’ve even done research (like scientific research, not just google research) on non-monogamy.

I might be for you if . . . 

  • You want to be able to talk about serious topics, and also, have some humor in your therapy.
  • You don’t want to have to spend the rest of your life in therapy to get to a good place mentally and emotionally. 
  • You feel constrained by social norms.
  • You have things you want to accomplish in therapy.
  • You want therapy to be a conversation
  • You want to explore different aspects of your sexuality or identity.
  • You don’t know how to talk about your feelings - that’s fine - helping you sort that out is part of my job.
  • You have lots of practice talking about your feelings but still could use some help sorting through them.
  • You don’t want to have to teach your therapist about kink, ethical nonmonogamy, the sex industry, the LGBTQI+ community, or your cultural background.  If I don’t already know about it; I know how to google - it’s not your job to educate your therapist.

I might not be for you if . . 

  • You want someone who will be available for regular crisis support between sessions
  • You just want somewhere to vent - venting’s usually part of the process in the work people do with me, but not all of the process.

Call or email me to discuss setting up an initial appointment.

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