Anisah Miley, LCSW

Anisah Miley, LCSW
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Anisah Miley, LCSW
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About Me:

My name is Anisah Miley. I have worked in mental health and healing for over 10 years. I have experience working with issues of anxiety and depression, difficult life transitions, racialized trauma, and traumas associated with sexual orientation and gender identity.

I have a Master's Degree in Social Work from The Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. My clinical experience includes work in community and academic settings, including the Mount Sinai Medical Center, New York University, and Columbia University.

I have completed extensive training in trauma, cultural somatics, attachment, DBT, and CBT. I also provide Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), a model designed to resolve unprocessed traumatic memories.

I socially locate myself as a Black, Queer, cisgender female parent. Because of my own journey, my practice centers the experiences of the QTIPOC and other BIPOC and LGBTQ individuals seeking support as they work toward healing.

Values and Approach

The foundation of my practice is consent. I collaborate with clients to create a treatment that is flexible and responsive to their current needs and experiences. While my approach is co-created with each client, all my work is informed by:

  • An awareness of and sensitivity to the impact of white body supremacy on all bodies. This means that I maintain attunement to the attitudes, practices, and policies that elevate the white body (of a particular size, ability, gender, and sexual orientation) as the standard against which the worth of all people is measured AND how that shows up as an embodied trauma response.
  • A perspective that mental health healing must involve the body. Our nervous systems have adapted to survive our lived experiences. Healing requires we engage in practices that address the mind and the entire body.
  • A belief that we all function best when we have fulfilling and authentic connections to ourselves, others, and the world. Therapy is one opportunity to build those connections for healing and growth.
  • The ongoing practice of developing mindful awareness of the present moment to increase acceptance and connect us to our emotional, physical, and spiritual experiences.
  • An appreciation for how much courage it takes to fully show up for the work of therapy, which requires curiosity, compassion, and collaboration from therapist and client.
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