Lunasa Counseling and Wellness

Lunasa Counseling and Wellness
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Kristen O'Kelly
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Lunasa Counseling and Wellness is a trauma focused therapy practice with an emphasis on non-pathologizing treatment, self-compassion, and mindfulness. Kristen is a Kink and ENM knowledgable therapist.
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I see clients who are dealing with trauma, although it's not always obvious that past experiences are running the show. Many of my clients struggle with perfectionism, addiction, boundaries, people-pleasing, self-worth, and feeling stuck and unsatisfied with life. I help my clients move into their authentic selves and resolve trauma so they can experience a sense of well-being. I am sex-positive, kink/ENM knowledgable, and open and affirming to all identities and bodies.

My background includes working with substance/process addictions, people experiencing homelessness and incarceration, survivors of suicide loss, Marshall fire victims, and individuals in one-on-one trauma therapy. As a trauma-focused therapist, I consider how your life experiences have shaped you. We often lose ourselves in difficult times and get stuck. This shows up as anxiety, grief, depression, addiction, etc. I work to bring people back to their authentic selves so they can live a life that is fulfilling to them. I use a nervous system-based approach to help heal the mind-body connection. I work to cultivate self-compassion and mindfulness to help clients form better relationships with themselves. I often use somatic approaches, IFS or “parts work,” and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. However, I tailor my approach to the needs and preferences of each client. In a session with me, you can expect warmth, non-judgment, empathy, and humor. I also offer in-session accu-detox to all my clients for free.

My practice is social justice oriented and non-pathologizing. I don't think you are crazy. Life is hard, and sometimes we adapt to it in unhelpful and enduring ways. I want to help you adapt in new ways that support your overall wellness. I believe many maddening systemic and ecological issues impact our mental health on a societal level. I am here to help you navigate this. I am open and affirming to all identities and bodies. I love working with communities I align with, like the LGBTQ, poly, and kink communities. I also love working at the intersection of science and spirituality. Whatever "spirituality" means to you, I am here to explore it with you. A little about me: I am a veteran, former bomb tech, parent, and artist. In my free time, I enjoy playing music with friends, doing pointless & silly things, making art, the outdoors, dancing, being in community with others, and nerding out on anything weird or interesting.

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MA in Clinical Mental Health, LPCC, CAS
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‪(303) 736-9566‬
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1800 30th St
Suite 207
Boulder CO 80301
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Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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Self-pay, some sliding scale
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