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Sexuality Educator
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Being a sensual educator has allowed me to teach others how to engage and explore their passions in a way that is fun, loving, and safe both mentally and physically.

Often one or more people in a partnership have a curiosity, that they have wanted to explore, but had not yet felt the permission to do so such. Then with some guidance, I can see the glow in them as their worlds open up and are full of possibilities for the expression of their love together! I love this, and it is the primary motivation that I have to teach more in the future.

The core of what I teach is Mindfullness, Communication, and Somatic Awareness.

The subjects that I most enjoys teaching are: Dominance / submission, Ritual, Protocol, Tantra, Consensual Communication, Multi-Modal Sensual Connection, Power / Energy Exchange, Listening, Rope Arts, Fire, Wax and Electrical Play, Extended Touch with Toys, Primal Tactility, Service, and Etiquette.  My passion for Dominance / submission comes from decades of endeavoring towards a 24/7 lifestyle with current and past partners, plus authentic conversations with individuals, couples, polycules, and others in the community.

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