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Much Love Living
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Rev. Dr. ReBecca Heckl
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"Helping bring out your best and beyond!"
~ Rev. Dr. ReBecca Heckl ~

Providing assistance and enhancement in any & all areas of your life!

LGBTQ+ & BDSM Expert
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Loveologist services at Much Love Living are Rev. Dr. Heckl's specialty.

For any relationship in your life, a Loveologist is there to provide professional assistance in finding your ultimate level of happiness. From the home, the office, the classroom, the wedding aisle, twenty years into the relationship, and/or your own soul and self, Rev. Dr. Heckl has your happiness plan ready to discuss and place into action.

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ALL services, including online, adhere to a strict Privacy Policy.

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LGBTQ+ & BDSM ExpertFrom academic achievements, career satisfaction, co-worker camaraderie, family closeness, fulfilling friendships, and true love, there is a session specifically designed for you by the assistance of your Loveologist, Rev. Dr. ReBecca Heckl.

Rev. Dr. ReBecca Heckl is a Certified Relationship Specialist with the American Psychotherapy Association, a Certified Life Coach, Academic Advisor, Career Mentor, Ordained Minister, and Florida State Approved Premarital Course Provider. With over 15 years of experience in providing certified life coaching services and spiritual counseling sessions, as well as officiating weddings and offering marital and premarital services, she is pleased to work with you to achieve your highest level of happiness possible. With custom-designed plans according to your wants and needs, she works with you to bring out your best and beyond. Outside of ceremonial and spiritual counsel associated needs, such as providing the state-approved premarital course and officiating your ceremony, she is skilled at providing expert services for your academic, career, or general life coaching needs. With her Doctorate, Masters, Dual-Bachelor's degree, and multiple certifications from within her field as personal experience, as well as being an Internationally published author who is an Alumni Mentor for the University of Phoenix and an Ambassador for Capella University, she is dedicated to applying all her expert educational business background abilities and scholarly knowledge into assisting you in obtaining your highest level of personal success and ultimate best. The same passion, persistence and patience that she applied to her own education, career, and personal life, she will devote to you in assisting you in finding your own successful path.

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6850 S Hancock Rd.
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