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Rev. Paul Paiva, M.Div., M.A., Lic. EB
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Couples Counselor, Intimacy and Sex Coach, Enneagram Instructor, Erotic Blueprints™, spiritual or Christian perspective. Works to harmonize differences in communication and intimacy style.
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Sex-Positive Christianity

Couples Counseling

Intimacy and Sex Coach

Enneagram Instructor

Rev. Paul Paiva, M.Div., M.A., is a former Roman Catholic priest who performs romantic and entertaining wedding ceremonies. He is a devout Christian who is sex-positive, meaning an acceptance that sexual pleasure is something that is beautiful and an essential part of being a human. Sex is a spiritual gift for making stronger the bond with your spouse or partners. He does couples counseling, pre-marital counseling for engaged couples, and is a certified intimacy & sex coach who teaches the Erotic Blueprints™, for singles and couples who want to ignite their passion, including those affected by religion-induced shame. He teaches the Enneagram and uses it as a tool for personal growth and understanding sexual expression, for couples, individuals, and groups. He also performs romantic and entertaining wedding ceremonies. Paul actively blogs, writes, and speaks on Post-Denominational Sex-Positive Christianity, Women's reproductive and sexual autonomy, Celibacy, sexuality, and the Catholic Church.

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M.Div., M.A., Lic. EB
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Boulder, CO
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Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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  • Rev. Paul Paiva, M.Div., M.A., Lic. EB

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