Love Positive Counseling

Love Positive Counseling
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Anna Baxter
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Anna Baxter, LPC is a sex-positive counselor passionate about providing a safe space for clients to find internal and external peace by living and loving more authentically. They particularly love working with transgender/gender non-conforming youth (13-25) and people in alternative relationships (polyamory/BDSM) as they shed cultural expectations around gender and sexuality.
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Love Positive Counseling is all about infusing every moment with love, for self and others. From love comes compassion, respect, and consideration. By bringing love into your individual and relationship therapy process, I hope to bring more love into your heart, your life. We all have the power to change the world with our passion, dreams, and smiling faces.

Relationships that value love are more fulfilling, emotionally and spiritually. We can foster more love, respect, and compassion in your relationships through empathic connection. We can heal emotional injuries, inspire more passion, and create the relationships of your dreams. I particularly love helping people considering and exploring ethical non-monogamy (swinging, polyamory) navigate the choppy waters of uncharted territory in their relationships.

Because I am so passionate about this work, I host a weekly polyamory support group for anyone in or considering polyamorous relationships. More details are available here: Poly Support Group.

Love extends beyond the connection between people. Love for self is a powerful healer. We can focus on fostering more love for your self, boosting self-esteem, confidence, authenticity; alleviating depression, anxiety, uncertainty; healing pain and trauma. I particularly love helping people transitioning from a conceptualized self based on societal and familial expectations to an idealized sense of self based on their true nature. I’m passionate about helping transgender youth (13-26) and their families who are discovering their identity and individuality.

Because I am so passionate about this work, I facilitate a free weekly support group for transgender or gender non-conforming youth (13-23). More details are available here: Trans* Youth Group.

I work primarily with Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, increasing my clients’ psychological flexibility - contacting the present moment fully as a conscious human being and changing or persisting in behavior based on chosen values. I also incorporate Family Systems Theory in both individual and relationship therapy. Our family experience greatly influences the way we relate with people in the present day. Understanding our most influential relationships can bring understanding and love for our self.

The therapeutic relationship is sacred, built on comfort and trust, and I appreciate the opportunity to partner with you to improve your world.

When you’re ready to live and love more authentically... Begin your journey here:

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Master of Arts in Community Counseling, Licensed Professional Counselor
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700 Old Roswell Lakes Pkwy Suite 300
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