Jennifer Gray Counseling, LLC

Jennifer Gray Counseling, LLC
Name of Primary Practitioner
Jennifer Gray, Licensed Professional Counselor
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I help entrepreneurs become deeply calm and boldly confident so they can create the business and life they dream about!
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My Approach & Philosophy

I am absolutely thrilled when I am able to assist driven, empathetic professionals in smashing their self-doubt and constant comparisons, helping them to transform into bold, self-assured powerhouses, and bravely redesign a business and life they genuinely adore.

Every therapeutic interaction is personalized and integrated, designed to fit each individual client. To ensure a more focused understanding of your journey, I keep my client caseload intentionally limited.
My straightforward style and action-driven approach to therapy are my most celebrated and sought-after attributes. We won't achieve much with mere sympathetic nods, so you can depend on me to always be sincerely upfront yet respectful with you.

While acknowledging the importance of healing in the therapeutic process, I encourage clients to embark on actionable steps towards wellness right from the start. This approach has proven to heighten satisfaction and advancement for my clients, facilitating a more comprehensive exploration of their past, present, and future.

Moreover, working together on treatment planning enables clients to take ownership of their journey in every session.
Together, we will undertake a comprehensive exploration of your business and personal life, allowing you to recover the confidence and serenity that has been elusive.

The key philosophies guiding treatment include Existentialism, Attachment Theory, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, and Solution-Focused Therapy. Occasionally, I incorporate aspects and techniques from body-focused mindfulness and somatic practices, modern psychoanalytic depth exploration, cognitive and dialectical behavioral theories, family systems, narrative therapy, and creative expression to further enhance your growth.

We will also investigate your personal and professional roles within a multicultural and feminist framework.

I strongly believe that living a fulfilling and successful life can only be achieved when we embrace our whole selves: the parts we consider too disorderly to reveal, just as much as the parts we view as competent and deserving of acceptance.

Specific Populations I Typically Work With
Ambitious & Compassionate Professional Women
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Financial Professionals & Advisors
Licensed Therapist in Private Practice
Executives & Positions of Responsibility
Creative Professionals In Their Own Business

Areas of Focus & Specialty
Perfectionism & People-Pleasing
Imposter Syndrome & Professional Doubt
Professional Burn Out, Stress, & Anxiety
Assertive Communication
Confidence Building
Boundaries (at home & at work)
Financial Therapy & Money Scripts
Cultural Intersection of Female & Boss

What Makes Me Unique

I am a Therapist, Entrepreneur, Consultant, Coach, Problem-Solver, Educator, and Human with Feelings.

Fueled by a deep-rooted passion for the convergence of business and mental health, I've earned a reputation as a specialist in fostering bad-bitch self-assuredness and powerful money mindsets. With nearly two decades of journeying through the financial sphere under my belt, I have a refined understanding of the multifaceted challenges that entrepreneurs and professionals encounter both in their personal and professional lives. The fusion of my academic background in therapeutic counseling with my practical business experiences enables me to carve out a niche that truly sets my heart on fire.

Supporting Oregon residents, Individuals 18 years & older, Wednesday & Thursday by appointment only through online therapy.

Free Initial Consultation
Weekly attendance commitment
Consistent appointment times
Generous no-cancellation policy
Secure video-telehealth (in-person sessions not available)

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Licensed Professional Counselor
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4207 SE Woodstock Blvd., # 388
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Internet Based Business
Do You Accept Insurance?
Tell us about the payment options you accept and any additional insurance details.
$250 for a 50-minute Session Session payments are out-of-pocket and due at the time of service in the form of major credit card or FSHHSA card. I am out-of-network with all insurance companies. I can provide you with a Superbill for services upon request. However, regardless of reimbursement status from your insurance company, you are responsible for your entire session fee at the time of service.
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