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/the conversation coach
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Michele "Khiki" Stills
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I help my clients master core performance skills like communication, emotional regulation, stress management, and change aversion.
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Our ability to regulate and master our emotions, or at least our reactions to them, affects our everyday performance, communication skills, executive function, and our ability to:

Initiate conversations
Ask for promotions and raises
Work well with others
Deliver effective and dynamic presentations
Ask for what we need in relationships
Bond with others
Have effective leadership skills
Handle confrontation
Make healthy changes in our lives, like diet and exercise
Maintain a healthy work and life balance
Control our anger
Stick with an exercise plan

As a coach, my role is to be your compass and help you navigate this part of your journey. So we're not going to dwell on your past - you've already spent enough time there. Whether you already have specific goals or need to figure that out, I can help you rewrite your story.

I combine my pattern recognition skills with compassion and cognitive-behavioral neuro-coaching to help you find and change the patterns in your communication style that are bringing you pain or frustration.

I am openminded and POC and LGBTQI+ Friendly and POSITIVE!

Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach

Conversational Intelligence® Enhanced Skills Practitioner

Live A New Life Story®Licensed Coach

ICF Member

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Coach Training Alliance Certified Coach;Conversational Intelligence Enhanced Skills Practitioner; Licensed Live A New Life Story Coach.
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North Carolina
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Paypa, Venmo, Square, Check
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