Adam Chacksfield

Adam Chacksfield
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Adam Chacksfield
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I offer Erotic Embodiment & Intimacy coaching using the experiential Somatica Method. I offer private sessions for individuals, couples, and groups either online or at my office in Oakland, CA.
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I offer erotic embodiment and intimacy sessions for individuals and couples using the experiential Somatica Method. I’ve trained with the Somatica Institute so that I can offer this powerful new modality for bringing loving awareness to sex and intimate relationships, an area in which so many of us have felt completely alone.

The collective shame around our erotic lives and sexuality is often so intense that most of us rarely receive any loving company in this realm beyond our intimate partners. And even with our intimate partners, our shame and fear of abandonment, and theirs, often makes it feel unsafe to honestly share our experience or feel empowered to explore new possibilities.

Even in nondual spirituality, where everything is supposedly included, sexuality is often subtly dismissed as unspiritual or too triggering to address. Yet denying the erotic dimension often deprives us of it’s juice, diminishing our inspiration, joy, and vitality. It also fails to heal the wounds that so many of us have around sexuality and intimate relationships. So we continue to get wounded and wound others, or we stay in hiding because we don’t have any safe space to lovingly explore what’s really happening.

In this work I hold no preconceived agenda about what anyone’s erotic embodiment or intimate relationships should look like. Every one of us is unique and every relationship is. I trust the wisdom of bringing loving awareness to our direct experience whatever it is. These sessions invite the discovery of what is and what wants to happen. I’m committed to empowering people to explore whatever is true for them in the realm of the erotic, sex, and intimate relationships.

The Somatica Method offers a genuinely safe space that can include experiential explorations, using the direct experience of fully-clothed client-practitioner intimacy exercises. This approach brings deeper awareness to our actual experience enabling real-time healing and the embodied discovery of new possibilities. It allows us to become more comfortable and empowered around any dimension of erotic embodiment and intimacy that is currently challenging.

These sessions are often safer than exploring with our actual partners because the stakes are so much lower. No matter what happens during the sessions you can count on me to remain reliably and lovingly available. And unlike our actual partners, there is no relationship trajectory to protect or promote because I’m not available for a sexual relationship with anyone in my work.

These sessions might be right for you if you’d like to feel:

  • more empowered to say “no” or ask for what you really want in intimate relationships.
  • more comfort and ease around any aspect of intimacy.
  • less shame around any aspect of your erotic experience.
  • more connected to your erotic desire and enjoyment.
  • more free and/or more secure in your intimate relationships.

These sessions can be arranged to fit your schedule, and are available by Video or phone anywhere in the world, as well as at my office in Oakland.

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Sex & Relationship Coach Core Training & Advanced Training with The Somatica Institute
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