Pleasure Evolution

Pleasure Evolution
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Rebekah Beneteau
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I can help you embrace and embody your Sexual Authenticity. I provide Coaching and Energy work to support Emotional and Physical Well-Being, address Sexual Dysfunction, and enhance libido and performance. Become Empowered in the bedroom and beyond.
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Who would you be if you shed the chains of shame and limiting thoughts? Who would you love and how would you love them?

Through individual sessions both virtual and/or in-person, I can help you choose the life you have always wanted.

As an English speaking sex coach and Sacred Intimate based in Puerto Vallarta Mexico, I work both online and in-person, including VIP intensives in my city or yours for individuals and couples.

I am trained in multiple modalities, including Access Consciousness Bars, Facelift and Body Processes, and Hands of Light Healing. I have also studied with some of the top Dominants and sex educators in the country.

I use energy healing and verbal processing to help individuals have more sexual potency. This includes all genders and orientations. You can recover from erectile dysfunction or insufficiency, low libido, anorgasmia, and premature ejaculation. One of my specialties is working with those who seek to go beyond their sexual and relational trauma.

I also coach couples seeking to create greater intimacy in all manner of lifestyles. Relationship difficulties are NOT because you are poly or kinky. Learn tools of tantra, BDSM, communication and deliberate orgasm.

Release shame and conditioning in order to lead a more fulfilling life. Shed anxiety and fears. Address your physical and emotional issues not just with talk, but also with potent energetic change. Resolve trauma.

Individual and packages of sessions available.

Your first step is to book a low cost Gratified Life Discovery Call where we will discuss your goals, and strategize some ways to achieve them including, but not limited, to working with me. Also, feel free to visit my website, and download my free e-book The Sexual Authenticity Handbook, Own Your Pleasure, Find Your Power

Book yours today!

I also facilitate many types of virtual classes and meet-ups. View our calendar HERE

Tune into my YouTube channel for more free resources on self-love, personal growth, poly, kink, and living a turned on life.

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Graduate - Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Bars Facilitator, Abuse Hold Practitioner, Body Process Practitioner, and Facelift Practitioner, Trained Sacred Intimate and Dominatrix
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Ciudad de México
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Yes, Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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all credit cards, zelle, paypal and cash app
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Puerto Vallarta
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