Major Woody LLC

Major Woody
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Major Woody LLC
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Dean Meyers
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Coach (Personal Transformation, LGBTQ+, BDSM and Alternative Lifestyle), BDSM Trainer
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I am a Certified Coach and trainer focused on the LGBTQ+ and Kink people’s needs for personal growth and living into one’s authentic self, including deep work in non-hetnorm self-acceptance and connection to your sexual self by identity, desires and your body. By identifying and dealing with shame, desire for the taboo, learning how to connect to your body sexually, through one-to-one coaching and specialized training that educates you about your body and sexual interaction in BDSM, you will find what is missing from online random interaction and non-physical passive learning that doesn’t teach you how to find yourself or gain the skills in interpersonal relationships that are satisfying, safe, and help your grow as a person.

My 40+ years of experience (and training) comes through the lens of being a lifelong member of the BDSM community, blending professional training in coaching, counseling, addiction rehabilitation and family dynamics with countless hours of  guidance from medical professionals, mental health experts, therapists, and others with focused professional attention to the pathways of a healthy and enjoyable lifestyle rooted in BDSM.

As a coach, I focus on your goals as you define them, and help keep you rooted in your true interests and desires without your need to worry about shame or exposing taboos. We will speak a common language and there is nothing that cannot be on the table for discussion and exploration.

As a trainer of BDSM practices, not unlike your personal trainer at the gym, I will guide you to reconnect or perhaps connect your sexuality to your body for the first time,  becoming your better, healthier self. Forget what you see in movies or in novels, your BDSM training journey will be tailored to keep your safe, healthy, and better with regular practice (following safe guidelines) and truly satisfying.

Both Coaching and Training are meant to be approached as a commitment to a program of action: but every interaction will be enjoyable and make you feel more of your authentic self is alive and awake.


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Certified Coach (International Coaching Federation member) (2020-2021), Rutgers Center of Alcohol & Substance Use Studies (1976); GMSMA Workshops (1995-97); others.
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(929) 888-4423
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New York
New York
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Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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No insurance options/All payment methods TBD/sliding scale and packages available
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