Dr. Amber M Oliver, LCSW, DSW

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Dr. Amber Oliver
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My name is Dr. Amber Oliver. Feel free to call me Amber.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State.

I have received my Master's in Social Work with a specialty in Mental Health and Military Social Work from the University of Southern California. I also received a Doctorate in Social Work from USC as well. I have been a social worker since 2013 and have worked with various populations including children, veterans, families and incarcerated people. My approach to therapy is to guide you in identifying the root cause of the feelings and symptoms you are currently experiencing. By identifying this, we will work together on thought processes and behaviors that are keeping you “stuck.” With the root cause identified, I use Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy techniques in order to adapt, change or develop new coping skills and thoughts. I believe that transformation is a collaborative process. My hope is that I can help guide you to identify and meet your goals. In my practice, I welcome all ideas, opinions and lifestyles. I am kink and poly friendly. I want you to feel open and comfortable discussing any topic you may want to work on. I believe that “keeping it real” in session is important. I believe in incorporating sensory tools as well as religious and cultural tools as appropriate. Each relationship should be tailored to meet your specific needs. I provide services in the evening on weekdays.
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Life Coaching

As a life coach I will use my therapeutic training to help you:

·        Change your thinking

·        Increase your emotional wellbeing

·        Change limited belief systems

·        Reframe past experiences

·        Set and achieve goals

·        Make life changes

·        Increase motivation

·        Learn a new skill

·        Transform your self-identity

In general, life coaching is focused on the PRESENT AND FUTURE. The goal is to understand your current life experience and belief systems by using your past as a lens to better understand yourself. The primary goal is to help you identify what is holding you back and help you achieve your goals. I do this through the use of techniques from Schema Therapy, CBT, CPT and DBT.


As a therapist I have helped clients with these areas of their life in addition to:

·        Treat mental illness or clinical anxiety or depression

·        Heal past trauma

·        Cope with traumatic loss

·        Cope with abuse

·        Treat addiction or substance abuse

·        Cope with relationship turmoil or violence

In general, therapy is PAST AND PRESENT FOCUSED. As a therapist the primary focus of sessions is treatment with healing trauma, overcoming abuse, treating addiction or treating mental illness.

Why I prefer life coaching

While I have training and experience treating mental illness, I have found that what most people need is to not feel like they have an illness that needs “treating.” Instead, I like to help clients identify schemas that keep them from achieving their goals and work towards learning new ways to overcome them to transform in the person they want to become.

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