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Clark Sheldon
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Dynamic life coaching that helps you harness the energy of change
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Coaching is a supportive and awareness-building partnership between client and coach. Coaches help you to do for you by bringing encouragement, reflection and accountability to the mix. Coaching is about you taking actionable steps towards the goal(s) you articulate and the future you envision. You very likely already know the answers to most all of the questions and challenges in your life. And, it is likely those answers are blocked or buried under a lot of unhelpful stuff such as fear, perfectionism and imposter syndrome, among other things. This ‘stuff’ gets in the way of all of us understanding, relating to, believing in and embodying our ability to change and grow on our own terms, with the guidance of our own wisdom and clarity.

Coaching isn’t about fitting yourself into a ready-designed mold. Rather, it is about reuniting with the sparkling light and guidance already within you.

Topics I specialize in:

  • burnout: befriending your crispy self & rebounding without judgement
  • curiosity: let it lead to unleash its power
  • stuckness: reframing it as a gift of pause & opportunity to pivot
  • transition & gender roles: bringing authenticity to all the places, spaces and roles in your life
  • taking up space: being your whole self, for yourself

About Clark:

I was stuck. Really stuck. Sound familiar? After a series of failed attempts to gain clarity or a new direction forward, I hired a coach. And then I quit my job. Did I feel like I was making a risky change? Yep. Did I think financial failure and long-term unemployment would ruin me? Yep. Did I have to battle my own demons of inadequacy and fear? Absolutely, and I still battle them.

I am intrigued and inspired by change and resilience. When I hired a coach, I received the feedback, accountability and structure I needed in order to make a big life change doable.

Being a coach for others fuels my desire to be of service in practical and meaningful ways. It is one piece of the puzzle in my quest to make sense of myself in relationship to the world. Coaching lets me be an idea alchemist, and partner with people who are drawn to awareness, growth and new perspectives.

Speaking of change: twenty years ago, I transitioned from female to male. I’m a gay man and member of kink & leather communities. Queer and feminist lenses inform much of how I make sense of the world. I believe in intersectionality. I’m still learning how to be anti-racist.

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