Shades of Non-Monogamy

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Wayne LeSane
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Get creative about your ideal non-monogamous relationship
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I was born and raised in Washington DC, in a culture of hidden and repressed emotions. Through life’s journeys, travel and gained experiences, I was able to let go and unlearn a lot of conditioning I received from childhood around sex and relationships. I Love, excitement, passion, pleasure, joy, desire, freedom, and being able to feel that I can truly show up for myself. I value honesty and freely speaking without feeling the shame and guilt associated with wanting something that goes against societal norms, and in return receiving the relationships that one aspires to. I don’t just enjoy talking about relationships, I love it! I have over 30 years of real relationship experience 25 of those years are of conscious non-monogamy and 19 of those years married. Life has been my best teacher, and school has been the means, for me to get to do what I love.

I am passionate about helping to de-stigmatize Non-traditional relationships and helping to normalize non-monogamy, in addition to working with people who are curious or new to non-monogamy. I understand the many nuances that come with relationships and relating to one another. I love talking about sex and relationships with anyone who is open to engaging and exploring. My strength lies in my ability to help you see all the options that are truly in front of you and help to make those options a reality by getting as creative as we want to be. I would love to help you intentionally navigate if you are willing to put in the work to get the relationship that you desire. It starts with self, and I would love for you to take me with you on your journey to get to your desired destination.

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Certified Sex Relationship & Intimacy Coach from Los Angeles Sex Therapy Intimacy Coaching Program
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Los Angeles, CA
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Internet Based Business
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