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Tynesia Heath
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I am looking to help people create more authentic connections within themselves and with others giving them a foundation to love themselves more and heal truama from society and family. I want to help people live in as much pleasure as possible and that starts with understanding who we are at our core and the desires that come with that.
Business Description

Hi my name is Tynesia and I'm here to help you find authentic ways to connect with yourself and others. I love working with the queer and neurodivergent and kink communities the most because I feel like we lack the societal resources to help us feel like we are making choices that feel good in our body and brain. 


I will help you become a person who knows how to make connections for their happiness and how to communicate needs and wants with everyone around you with love and compassion.


Through zoom we connect and create an expansive space to speak and practice tools that bring you into yourself and help you put perspective and understanding to who you are under the masks and walls built. I will help you discover your authenticity within any of my paths to your goal. None of them are set in stone and can easily become paths that cross.

With these paths we will be able to practice some experiential tools that you can bring into your personal life and progress toward a life that feels like it is truly yours.


Rediscovering you. 

This path will help guide you toward discovering the you that lives under all of the masks and leading you to become more authentic in the skin you were born in. Breaking the barriers to help you get what you want for yourself and feel like you again, or for the very first time.  


 Empower Your Body

This path helps you really fall in love with your body, breaking the standards that society told you weren’t acceptable, overcoming traumas that seeded doubt. We work together to see yourself in the absolutely beautiful light everyone else around you already adores. 


 Authentic Attraction

This path helps you really dive into what it is you authentically need and find important in relationships. We work together to take action on who you are pursing and making sure it puts you in a place of amazing connection. 


Communication is Key

This path helps you acquire the tools to really communicate with people in your life in a way that makes you feel heard and fosters securer attachments and places of repair where you didn’t think possible. 

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