Square Peg Psychology

Square Peg Psychology
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Holly Hollems
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Registered Provisional Psychologist offering individual therapy, sex therapy, and couples/relationship therapy in Edmonton. Compassionate, affirming therapy for Kinky, Poly, and LGBTQIA2S+ clients.
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Do you have concerns about your sexual desire: Too much? Too little? Too different? Are you grappling with your sexuality, coming out, or dealing with shame and stigma? Maybe things were great but something’s changed (what hasn’t these days?) and you need some help there. Your relationship could also be entering a new stage and you need some help navigating all those new challenges. Therapy can be intimidating, and when your relationship doesn't fit the traditional White Picket Fence ideal, it only adds to the struggle. You don't want a therapist who is going to assume your relationship style, sexual desires, or your identity are the cause of all your problems, you want someone who knows the difference between a feather and a flogger, or what it means to be in a non-nesting hierarchical triad, or the difference between gender identity and gender presentation.

Hi there, I'm Holly Hollems, and I just might be who you're looking for! I’m a Registered Provisional Psychologist (AB P6575) with a Bachelor’s in Gender Studies and Psychology from the University of Alberta, and a Master’s degree in counseling from City University of Seattle's Edmonton Campus. My therapeutic work is focused on people outside what is considered "the norm". I love working with sexuality, sexual health, relationships, gender, and neurodiversity.

The world around us spends so much time (and money) making us think we're wrong when we don't fit the polished, glossy images on billboards. I want to help you learn what it feels like to be your most joyful self, and what it feels like to live and love authentically!

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(587) 813-0914
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