Alayo Bascome, LMSW, LSW,CPC

Alayo Bascome, LMSW, LSW,CPC
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Queer, transgender, BIPOC Psychotherapist and Life Coach serving individuals in NY & NJ. LGBT+, neurodiversity, disability and chronic illness competent. Empowerment and transition coaching. ADHD/Executive functioning coaching. DBT Therapist and Skills Trainer.
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Everyone comes to The Work in their own way, for their own reasons, in their own time. For some, it's a safe space to explore and grow as they need. For others it's a dedicated ear and a mind trained to help them resolve emotional conflicts, stress, anxiety, and depression. Still others long to be seen and embraced (in all of their complexity and nuance). Whatever journey has led you here, my goal is to help you step into the fullness of your Self and live the best life possible.

Areas of specialty include: Trauma and post-traumatic resilience (esp. inter-/generational, developmental, chronic, and complex trauma); Chronic illness & Disability; Executive functioning/ADHD; Intersectional oppression and resilience; Navigating dysfunctional family dynamics; and Transgender Experiences across the life-span.

I enjoy working with individuals across the spectrum of human experience who are interested in divesting and healing from toxic socio-cultural formations (racism, sexism, ableism, cis-sexism, patriarchy, classism, etc.) as it manifests in our internal, behavioral, and interpersonal realities, to more fully embody the changes they seek in their lives (and the world).

Services are provided under the supervision of:

Tracey Post, LCSW (Princeton Center for Mind Body Healing, NJ)

Dulcinea Pitagora, LCSW (Dulcinea Pitagora, PhD, LCSW, CST, NY)

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Master of Social Work | NYU Silver School of Social Work, 2019; Certified Professional Coach | Impact Coaching Academy, 2017; Comprehensive DBT Training | Rebelmente Training and Consulting, 2022
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New York
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New York / New Jersey

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