Sanctuary Repose LLC

Sanctuary Repose LLC
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Jonathan Bowling
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Massage therapy and healing space in Baltimore, Maryland
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We'd love to hold space for you here. Sanctuary Repose is a massage therapy and healing practice in Maryland that focuses on bringing you many types of body-based holistic healing in a way that is physically and financially accessible. Every treatment session includes a consultation and assessment to figure out exactly what you need from us.

We're passionate and experienced in working with individuals with people from underserved communities, and target our care towards specific and diverse needs.

Some of the underserved communities we have ample experience with are:

  • Chronic illness (mental or physical)
  • Disability
  • Survivors of trauma
  • BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, people of color] and culturally diverse
  • Marginalized spiritualities
  • Low income individuals
  • Marginalized lifestyles such as polyamory and kink
  • All body shapes and sizes

All of these factors can impact one's experiences and way of navigating the world. We honor your individual experience with a safe space to come as you are, and the highest quality of care tailored just for you. 

Below we'll list some of the techniques we offer. Please feel free to send us an email ( with any questions or inquiries: 

  • Myofascial Release
  • Orthopedic Massage Techniques (Neuromuscular Techniques, Postural Assessments, and more)
  • Prenatal Massage (Safe Space for all gender identities experiencing pregnancy)
  • Somatics (meditative in-session techniques focusing on the body-mind connection)
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Techniques to improve digestion and breathing
  • Affordable Spa and Luxury services (hot stone, Swedish and deep tissue massage)
  • Traditional Jikiden Reiki 
  • Other Energy work (pulls from other traditional medicine systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), traditional plant medicines, aura sweeping, chakra balancing, ancestral healing)
  • Herbal oils and topicals to enhance the effects of your session
  • Other hands-on techniques such as Acupressure, Reflexology, and Craniosacral therapy techniques
  • Various enhancements to customize your service (heat therapies, cupping, and more)  

Kink and Poly Awareness Notes:

As the owner of Sanctuary Repose, I have lived experience as a person involved with kink and polyamory, and I have also experienced first hand the damage done to myself and others via professionals who view these lifestyles and identities in a skewed, discriminatory, or ignorant lens. This practice is a safe space to be authentically you.

It is normal for clients to discuss their everyday lives, including their significant others, as they lie on our treatment tables. For those with non-monogamous relationship structures, it can feel very difficult to speak about normal, everyday occurrences without feeling ostracized or judged, but we hear you here. We don't offer couples, throuples, or polycule massage because we do not have enough staff to provide services at once. However, we would love to schedule back to back services for you, your partners, and metamours, or offer relaxing day-retreats for up to 8 individuals to allow polyamorous people a safe place to relax and receive therapeutic treatments.

We understand that kink is oftentimes not related to trauma at all, but for the individuals who do use it as a form of trauma-healing, we hold safe space to express your paths to recovery without judgment. Regardless of how you've found your interests in kink, we know what expressions of kink can look like on the body, and we embrace your autonomy to consent to your own choosing of activities without concern of invasive questioning or reporting.  Stay safe, have fun, and keep being yourself. We welcome you just as you are. -Jonathan

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Holistic Massage Training Institute & Anne Arundel Community College- Degree in Massage Therapy
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50 Scott Adam Rd Suite 107 Cockeysville
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Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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Credit/Debit Card, Cash, Paypal... We are currently trying to branch out to insurance companies and will have updates soon. Delays are expected due to many insurance companies refusing coverage of massage therapy.
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