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Alex Conway
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I help the LGBTQ+ and Kink communities with everything from coming out, exploring aspects of their identity, forming non traditional relationships and building chosen families / communities of support through virtual groups, workshops, and weekend retreats
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I have over a decade of experience helping clients feel seen, connected, and inspired to become better versions of themselves. I have found that by helping my clients have a compassionate understanding of themselves, they can have a compassionate view of others.

I spent my early career as a clinical psychologist, helping marginalized communities feel seen, connected, and thrive. I have worked with the Trevor Project to help LGBTQ+ youth contemplating suicide, and at the ACLU to challenge systemic injustices against marginalized communities. I have also worked in community mental health clinics, with immigrants overcoming legal challenges, with veterans overcoming substance abuse, with inner city students with emotional and behavioral difficulties, and private practices in both rural and urban centers.

However, traditional psychology views life from the perspective that something about you is “abnormal” or “pathological”. This can lead to increased shame and stigma for marginalized communities, especially the LGBTQ+ community.

My experiences taught me that despite our differences we have so much more in common. Instead of focusing on what is “abnormal” with the individual, I focus on what connects us. Despite our differences, we all have the same core needs to be seen for who we truely are, connect with like-minded individuals, and thrive in our relationships.

My focus is now primarily on helping the members of the LGBTQ+ and kink communities discover the best parts of themselves and learn to become more present, and more compassionate with themselves and others. I use evidence-based techniques to help you learn how to shift your energy from sources of frustration and sadness and refocus that energy on sources of love, gratitude, and joy.

Together we will rediscover how to love yourself, strengthen relationships, and connect with your community and passions, so you can love who you are, who you are with, and what you do. It is such a privilege to help my clients on their personal journey, and I look forward to helping you with yours!

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