C Murphy, PhD, DD, MD

C Murphy, PhD, DD, MD
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C Murphy
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LGBTQQIP2SAA Ally, Gender Transition Informed, and Kink /Poly/BDSM Informed intimacy and relationship counselor and sex therapist.
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Dr C. Murphy (PhD, DD, MD) is an LGBTQQIP2SAA Ally, gender transition-Informed Kink/Poly/BDSM-Informed Intimacy and Relationship Counselor, Sex Therapist, and evolving Soft-Domme/Hypno-Domme, author, speaker, and educator. She is certified by the American Board of Sexology and is an active advocate for Safe boundaries and the foundations of healthy touch.

Dr Murphy is always seeking new knowledge, learning, and growing.  She is currently pursuing professional training in partner therapy. Through this work she plans to better hone her unique skill set and expand her work with individuals learning or relearning how to establish and foster positive intimate experiences built on trust.

Her goal is to best help individuals improve their: interpersonal relationships, confidence and self esteem, understanding and communication of their own sexual needs and desires, negotiation of past traumas, gender or identity issues, outcomes associated with sexual guilt or shame, and sex lives in the background of coping with new or chronic disability or illness. She is most honored to accompany clients on their sexual journeys as they find their greatest joy in learning to accept, be, and express themselves.

The greatest reward for Dr Murphy, in her work, is supporting her clients as she watches them grow in their love of themselves and others as they comfortably and proudly find their own path to live their very best and most fulfilling lives possible.

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