Caoimhea Keivah

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Caoimhea Keivah
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Spiritual Advisor, Life Coach, Health and Wellness, Educator, and Ambassador: Offering Diversified & Inclusion Services.
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Caoimhea (Pronounced Key-Vah, in English, or she may be addressed as just "K" if that is easiest.), has degrees and over 25 years experience in psychology, wholistic, & spiritual practices. Has received awards for lifetime services and outstanding professional of the year 3 times.

Caoimhea offers clients a space to share and heal in. She is a Private Practitioner & Confidential. She understands from a unique perspective, delicacies, and intricacies of the BDSM & related lifestyles. She works with clients from all walks & phases of life.

If you are into alternative lifestyles, struggling in your vanilla lifestyle, or just looking for someone to be a sounding board, K can assist you. Maybe you are struggling in your alternative lifestyle and want to become more vanilla. Whatever path you are on, K can meet you there & together, create a path of least resistance for your optimum health and well being.

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