Mx. Indigo Dawn

Mx. Indigo Dawn
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Indigo Dawn
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As a Somatic Therapeutic Coach and Touch Therapist, I empower change-makers to:
- Heal past wounds & transform limiting patterns
- Deeply attune to their inner truth & embodied wisdom
- Alchemize painful emotions into clarity, insight, & joy
- Create the life & relationships they yearn for
Business Description

Indigo Dawn (they/them/elle) is a Somatic Therapeutic Coach & Touch Therapist who LOVES to catalyze deep healing, empowerment, and joyful expansion. Their life's work is to seed safety, satiety, and serenity for ALL beings... including you!

My Somatic Therapeutic Coaching offerings:

1-on-1 healing & empowerment work (virtual & in-person)

Somatic Therapeutic Coaching treats the the heart, mind AND body. This work integrates cutting-edge techniques in trauma healing (EFT & Pete Walker's CPTSD recovery), embodied somatics, human potential, and parts work modalities to create profound, lasting transformation.

After working with me, clients often report a greater sense of embodied ease & joy; deeper access to inner wisdom & self love; and renewed clarity & inspiration to bring their dreams to life in concrete ways.

VIRTUAL SESSIONS - via Zoom video calls
In my virtual Somatic Therapeutic Coaching sessions, I create a radically accepting space for the client to show up exactly as they are in each moment, while I help guide them towards what they most desire. We begin each session by grounding and connecting with the intelligence of the body, and tapping into the client's inner knowing. Each session will blossom and unfold uniquely based on the clients needs, desires, and capacity-- and I will employ the therapeutic tools and strategies that seem most ripe for the moment. Sessions may include movement, feeling, sounding, visualization, tapping, meditation, drawing, self touch, use of props, relational work, or other effective interventions to help each client create the life and relationships they most yearn for.

IN-PERSON SESSIONS - in Berwyn Heights, MD
In addition to cognitive and emotional therapeutic work, in-person Somatic Therapeutic Coaching sessions allow me to integrate Touch Therapy & Cuddle Therapy into our work, in alignment with the client's needs and goals. My training and 7 years of experience as a Touch Therapist allows me to harness the immense therapeutic power of consensual touch during sessions; therapeutic touch decreases levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, and increases subjective reports of wellbeing & safety, as well as physiological markers of rest and relaxation. Attuned, strategically-applied touch and holding with my clients creates a physical anchoring in the safety and goodness of the present moment, which enhances the efficacy of trauma resolution; relational healing; and empowerment work.

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Mindlight Institute, Mental Wellness Coach certification; Trained Cuddlist; 7 years ZEGG Forum Facilitator training & experience; Archetypal Group Coaching certified from the Relational Leadership Academy
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Both Remote and Brick and Mortar
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I prefer session investments to be sent via Venmo whenever possible, although I am open to other options (e.g. Paypal, Zelle).
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