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All Things Autie
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Minna Abassi
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An #ActuallyAutistic coach and consultant. Helping autistic and ADHD adults create sustainable and authentic lives through neurodiversity-affirming life coaching. Guiding businesses (and beyond) towards greater understanding and inclusivity by sharing the autistic lived-experience from an I/O Psychology lens.
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As an AuDHD (autistic and ADHD) coach, I help other auties and NDs build a more authentic and sustainable life. Each coaching plan is tailored to your unique interests and needs. I provide support, guidance, and expertise to help you expand, adjust, and reach your personal or professional goals. (I'm also here to help you pause and celebrate your accomplishments!) No matter where you are on your journey, let me help you maximize the payoff from your efforts. I provide an inclusive and non-judgmental environment and have two decades of experience in the kink/BDSM, poly/ENM, queer, and BIPOC communities. 

As a consultant, I help businesses and other individuals/entities create a culture of inclusion. With an MA in Industrial & Organizational Psychology and multiple certificates in ADA implementation, I have an educational basis for understanding the human element of organizations. I have a keen eye for pattern recognition and forecasting trends. Combining pattern recognition with my lived experience and extensive work with neurodivergent clients,I've cultivated a unique perspective on how to create inclusive spaces. All Things Autie guides businesses and other entities in developing a creative culture of accommodation that reaches beyond neurodivergent employees and extends benefits to the company at every level.

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MA Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Certified ADA Coordinator
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