Taylor V. Smith

This image is a professional headshot of Taylor. Taylor is wearing a white button-up shirt and a statement black beaded choker necklace with intricate detailing. They have shoulder-length black hair styled in soft waves and are smiling confidently at the camera. The background is plain, keeping the focus on Taylor.
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Taylor V. Smith (she/they) offers expert sex coaching for individuals and groups, event management, and operations through a DEI and sexual education framework. They excel in public speaking, educational workshops, and panel discussions, creating inclusive spaces that foster liberation, pleasure, and healing.
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Taylor V. Smith (she/they), hailing from the Midwest, and now residing in the DMV, is a dynamic professional dedicated to the intersection of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) and sexual education. Taylor offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to foster personal and community growth through a DE&I and sexual education lens. Their offerings include:

  • Sex Coaching: Tailored for solo individuals and multi-partnered groups, Taylor provides personalized coaching to help clients explore and embrace their sexual identities and relationships.
  • Event Management and Operations: Leveraging a DEI and sexual education framework, Taylor excels in managing and operating events that emphasize inclusivity and education, ensuring every event is a transformative experience.
  • Public Speaking and Keynotes: Taylor is an engaging speaker who brings profound insights into DEI and sexual education topics, captivating audiences with their expertise and passion.
  • Educational Workshops: Offering workshops on a variety of topics, Taylor creates interactive and informative sessions that encourage learning and growth in safe, inclusive environments.
  • Interviews and Panels: With a wealth of experience in panel discussions and interviews, Taylor provides thought-provoking perspectives on sexual health, pleasure, kink, Black masculinity, and more.

Taylor’s work has been showcased at prominent events such as the Sex Down South conference, Palo Alto University’s PAGES panel, and Stockton University’s Women's History Month. Taylor's commitment to creating inclusive learning spaces for Black individuals, especially Black Women and Black Femmes, drives their mission to decolonize Black and Queer bodies and diminish STI stigma in marginalized communities. Through their multifaceted approach, Taylor V. Smith is dedicated to fostering liberation, pleasure, joy, love, and healing for all.

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Inclusive Sex Coach Certification Program - Center of Empowered Sexual Wellness, USF Diversity in the Workplace
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